USB Ports on Golf Carts

There are certainly times that it is important to stay connected while on the course and the worst thing that can happen is to have your phone battery go dead.

The good news is that many courses have upgraded their golf carts to help accommodate the technology needs of the modern golfer. Golf cart manufacturers are now providing the option to equip golf carts with two USB ports for your convenience. Just slide the cover open (on the EZGO Carts) and you are free to plug in almost any electronic device that can operate through a USB power cord (located within the center storage area of each golf cart). The exact location of the ports may vary by cart manufacturer but ask the golf staff for assistance.

Some courses even allow you to plug in bluetooth speakers so you can enjoy some tunes while teeing it up. Check with the golf shop for specific golf course policy before teeing off though – not all courses are “tune friendly.”