So how do you take an iconic look and improve it? You start with superior quality fabrics providing an incredibly soft feel as well as durability and wrinkle resistance and include a partner as cool as Luke Wilson – at least this seems to be a great start. You then add 10 years of hard work from the founding partners as well as a modern attitude that says, “An Incredibly Kick Ass Shirt” and “Classically inspired, supremely comfortable and cool AF…” – Yes, it says this right on the CRIQUET website. The brand seems to just exude coolness.

CRIQUET shirts have only been around for about a decade but their popularity is starting to grow with the re-imagined classic looks and incredible comfort. They call it “Comfortably Off-Course.”

I think my favorite highlight of the shirt is the fabrics – many of which contain a very high-quality cotton which is a great change from the man-made fabrics that many golf shirts feature today. This is not to say all their shirts are 100% cotton but all the shirts definitely offer a comfort level not often felt.

The cut of the shirt is not your typical box boxy look either. They offer a little shape which can flatter the wearers’ silhouette.  The colors are a muted in a modern manner that makes the shirts easy to match with our casual jean-wearing lifestyles. The quality and feel is that of an expensive shirt but wearing one doesn’t make you look like you are trying to brag about your bank account – only about the fact that you prefer your independence and laid back style.

Higher end golf shops across the country have started to recognize the growing popularity of the CRIQUET brand so you will likely see these shirts featured with club logo of your favorite courses across the country soon.