Arizona golf courses will be allowed to remain open during during the current health crisis as golf can be considered a lower risk activity. However, golf courses have also really worked hard to further reduce the risk by implementing several new standard operating procedures including:

  • Encouraging golfers to prepay over the phone to eliminate unnecessary contact in the golf shop.
  • Turning the pin cups upside down or placing pool noodle floats in the holes to prevent contact within the hole when removing the golf ball.
  • More thoroughly sanitizing golf carts after each use or only allowing one rider per cart. Other courses have eliminated using carts while others are encouraging walking.
  • All F&B is to go only.
  • Removed rakes, ball washers, water stations and other “public touch” items from the course.

There are many other practices being utilized at many golf courses to help keep both golfers and golf staff safe so that golf can continue to be a great activity to help everyone get through this very difficult period. Everyone has to make their own choice as to what is a reasonable amount of risk to take pertaining to their health. However, many golfers will agree that the health risk of being on a golf course seems much lower than going to the grocery store at this point. Keep up the hand washing everyone!

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