Introduce Kids to Golf!

Sun City Country Club – Golf Program in Schools

I wanted to spread the word about this program started at Sun City Country Club in Arizona. When we think of Sun City, many of us think of retired people but there are actually a large population of children in the surrounding communities and this course has an amazing program to help introduce kids to the game for a lifetime!

Golf Program in Schools, Inc (GPS) was formed in August 2015 and the foundation was set and the course laid out to introduce kids to golf, free to the students and schools, allowing students who complete the program to play free golf until they graduate high school, when accompanied by a paying adult. The goal is to have kids play golf with their families in a social media free zone! Since 2015 we have introduced over 30,500 students to golf and are preparing to add a second teaching team that will introduce an additional 8K –10K students per year.

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