We can’t forget the importance of the time spent after your round at the 19th hole.

 A lot can happen during 18 holes but it is the interpretation of what happened that can make this game so much fun. Sitting in the clubhouse after golf is often as much fun than the golf itself as you can share and rehash all the great moments and not so great moments while sipping (ok -pounding) a few beers or spirits after your round.

 A lot has changed since the days when the clubhouse bar was almost an after thought tucked somewhere in the back of the golf club restaurant or often with the formality designed for royalty. Today, 19th holes are designed to let you relax in a much more casual way with creative menu choices that are brought quickly to your table so you can recharge your energy level after depleting so much during 18 holes (ok – I’m in my 50s – I definitely need to recharge after 18 holes). That is probably why I always look forward to the relaxation in the clubhouse after my round.

As we continue to add more courses to this list, we will focus on facilities that have really put an emphasis on your experience both before and after your round of golf. When you want a complete golf experience, these courses provide something special that will provide special memories that will often be described to all your golf friends for years to come!