Arizona has quickly become known for locally brewed beer and golf courses have started to feature some of the best Arizona brews from local Arizona based breweries. The craft beer industry has really grown in recent years and because most golf courses are operated as local small businesses, it is a perfect fit. Golf has really helped local beer companies grow in many markets including Arizona.

Two of the most popular are the Four Peaks Brewery which is based in nearby Tempe and The Grand Canyon Brewing Company based in the Northern Arizona town of Williams (about 2.5 hours from Phoenix & Scottsdale).

Both companies only offer limited distribution areas and are not available much outside of Arizona although Four Peaks has now expanded to include 5 states from California to Texas.

Both  breweries have been growing quickly because demand has definitely outpaced supply. Two of the most popular flavors  have been the Four Peaks Kilt Lifter and the Grand Canyon Amber. 

A third local brewery has also recently started to make its mark in the craft beer market is Uncle Bear’s Brewery. The OB IPA  (Ocean Beach - Not Ouf of Bounds) has been a popular beer at courses such as Rancho Manana in Cave Creek for the past few  years.